Tim Tebow Foundation Helps Two Needy People A World Apart

A shocked and grieving recent Widow in America and a sad and scared deaf and abandoned young boy in China. Two of the Holiday Season’s sad stories turned miracle connection by America’s most recognized Worker of Miracles, Tim Tebow and his Foundation.

Christine Mullican and her Husband wanted children and when she received an email about a deaf boy abandoned in China they decided that was their answer. But before they were able to proceed her husband died suddenly. Christine found herself alone in her continued struggle to adopt this child and keep that dream of building a Family alive.

Then she found the Tim Tebow Foundation who went to work for these two wounded and lonely souls. They arranged for her to go to China and meet her future Son, now named Alex. And helped make it possible for these two to begin a new life of hope together. But it didn’t end there.

The Tim Tebow Foundation also got Alex the care he needed to fix his hearing problem.

Two miracles for Christmas.

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