Tebow Baseball Enters Its 1st Real Season

So now the shock has worn off, as has much of the novelty. And Tim Tebow Baseball becomes something real as he enters his first real Season.

So what should everyone expect?

That has been the speculation since the September ‘Tryout’ Day. Most Sports Media has focused on trying to wrap its head around it. Many of the same who spent 3 years saying he should give up on Football said he should focus on Football.

The NFL has set Sports Media back 100 years. Then again as I’ve said 100 times, NFL Media isn’t just the worst anywhere in Sports. It’s worse than all others combined. It’s a darn shame that in this Country it drives so much of Sports Media. It’s almost as big a shame that it took bankrupting Sports Media financially before anyone seriously looked at how much it has bankrupted it journalistically.

Though I have a little interest in where Tebow Baseball is headed I’m much more interested in how Tim’s Fans react to it.

So far the reaction has been very positive. In fact it became so positive so quickly, the annual exercise of Tim Tebow’s name coming up every time a Team’s Quarterback falls or falters had a strange feel to it this year. It’s going to take some time before Fans think of him as anything other than a Football Player.

That his Football Career was so blatantly robbed from him capriciously by the NFL makes the hanging on a little tighter gripped. 95+% in poll after poll said the NFL had it all wrong with Tim Tebow. But it’s the NFL. They’re nothing if not entirely about feeding their own egos. And those who still haven’t realized what a completely corrupt and incompetent organization it is are nothing if not completely blind.

Where Tim Tebow is concerned, that blindness is self-inflicted. They began with their own idea of who he is and,therefore, who his Fans must be. And though many have been forced to admit they were wrong about who Tim Tebow is, the remaining holdouts will never admit they were also wrong about his Fans.

Their entire self-image is dependent on never breaking that faith with their own certainty that they never unfairly attack others.

As we all know, for some of them attacking Tebow Fans is all they have that passes for having lives.

Football itself is beginning to heal from the backlash against it that began with the attacks on Tebow Fans. The NFL is still teetering and the Media that has fed it is collapsing.

But Tebow Baseball is still a thing that feels too undefined for many to just leap wholeheartedly into. First they have to have a better understanding on what’s next.

Then they have to really convince themselves that Major League Baseball is NOT the NFL and that Tim’s success lies entirely on his own shoulders. Once they feel that, Baseball is in for one helluva renaissance.

Right back to once again being “America’s Pastime”. And even more. Right to becoming beloved the World over. Just as Tim Tebow is.

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