Football Goes On Without Tim Tebow

Every now and then there are still some expressing their wish that some Football Team would sign Tim Tebow. Even as the Canadian Football League announced Tim wouldn’t be on their reserve lists anymore. The Alouettes loss? Some think so. Others have moved on.

Football has decided it wants no part of Tim Tebow’s Fans. It’s done so in shrill tones. Well, not all Football. The Florida Black Bears and the rest of ‘The League’ certainly haven’t. And that’s what this is about.

Building a Football League is doubly tough when half the Country has been added to those who had already had their fill of Football’s ongoing pattern of abuse. Many Tebow Fans still cling to College Football despite its own problems. But most are through with an NFL that couldn’t have been more clear what it thinks of them. But gradually as the Season of Football Lawsuits slows down and many have shifted their focus away from the NFL, interest in building a ‘League of Their Own’ comes back.

Yes, that again. 🙂

I’m a huge Fan of Tebow Baseball and though very welcoming of any interest Tim has of returning to Football, making Baseball work is in his best interests. Tebow is in Football’s best interest. But this isn’t about Football’s interests. This forum is Fans of Tim Tebow and Baseball offers him a longer, healthier Career.

The Black Bears and ‘The League’ will move forward without Tim but still looks to his Fans for the most basic of reasons. Most Tebow Fans are Fans of Character, something Tim exudes and the NFL has none of. Shifting Sports back to the Fans and to Values and Character and away from Snobbier-Than-Thou Opportunists who are all about money and power and abusing all they survey is what the Florida Sports Club and the Florida Black Bears are about.

With or without Tim Tebow.

Pitchers and Catchers Report in about 6 weeks. Hope to see Tim at Port St Lucie in the Mets Spring Training Camp. He’ll likely spend most of the year in the Minors but the Major Leagues is where Tim Tebow belongs.

If not Football, then Baseball.

He epitomizes everything America hopes the World thinks it’s about. Despite Football’s and the NFL’s efforts to tarnish that image and reputation.

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