Will MLB Be Different For Tebow?

The National Football League completely blew it with Tim Tebow. Not that they’ll ever admit it. That’s par for the NFL’s course.

They’ll never admit they blew it with Head Trauma. Instead of being heroes by standing up years ago and saying a serious problem casts dark shadows over Sports and it’s time to address it, the NFL did everything it could to keep people in the dark. Now NFL Owners have to wonder what day the indictments start showing up and whether RICO will continue to only mean lawsuits against them and not charges.

The NFL will never admit it has mishandled domestic violence and rape. Now it faces the lowest trust numbers in Sports History and finds itself hoping Jameis Winston can somehow get Erica Kinsman to accept a quiet Settlement, as “The Hunting Ground” is being shown on College Campuses all over the World and Women are texting their friends to watch it on Netflix.

The NFL will never admit it took the TV Networks’ money, including $Billions extra in the “Tebow Bump” and then did nothing to hold up its end of the Partnership. It had its money. If it destroyed its reputation only the TV Networks paid the price. Meanwhile it finds its biggest Media Partner now an actual Media Partner with the Sports League that is about to surpass it in Revenues, Major League Baseball.

And the NFL finds its once Golden Boy and his hundreds of millions of Fans around the World including tens of millions of Sports’ most passionate here in the US all with their eyes on Baseball.

Jon Morosi pointed out earlier today it’s not the number of Teams sending Representatives…at least half to perhaps two-thirds. It’s the People they’re sending. Personnel Directors, Heads of Scouting Departments, Special Assistants to Team Presidents, General Managers and Ownership. In short, People who can make a decision on the spot. People of significant influence in the Franchises.

And Mainstream Baseball Media stopped with all the snickering a couple days ago. Even most Mainstream NFL Media has stopped leaving the snarkiness to obscure Football sites.

This is a serious thing. An Event.

It should be. More video has been coming from Tebow’s Workouts and distributed to Teams and they’ve been impressed. Tim has Power Baseball hasn’t seen before. That shouldn’t be too shocking. Even in the NFL he was one of the strongest Players on the Field for any Game. He has Power to all parts of the Field and has taken Pitching against him deep to all sides of the Field with Pitches in all areas of the Hitting Zone. And this from a Pitcher who was a Major League Closer.

There’s already speculation he may face some current Big League Pitching tomorrow. But if not, it’ll be as close as can be brought in.

Tim’s a big draw. Baseball appreciates that. But he’s something else.

He’s potentially a very scary Hitter. If he can make any contact he’s a threat. And it sounds so far like he can make contact. Few things are scarier for Pitchers and Managers than a Hitter who can knock it out to any part of the Park and if he can do that with Pitches away, which Tim has done, he changes the options Managers, Pitchers and Catchers have on how to manage a Game. He becomes an Impact Player just by being in the Line-Up.

Tim doesn’t need to be a .300 Hitter to be that. He can do it as a .250 Hitter with that kind of Power. It’s so rare that such a Hitter comes along whose shear strength makes him such a potential threat, Teams will take serious notice.

That Tim Tebow comes with an unmatched Following just makes signing him a good decision whether his Game develops enough to be a Major League Regular or not. We may see Tim on Major League Fields this Season.

It’s no longer a longshot, let alone a joke. It’s even surpassed being a Business Decision. If he impresses enough tomorrow there are lots of good reasons to have him with September Call-Ups and see how he handles himself. We could already be at the first steps of the development of Tim’s Baseball Career. And next week could begin Stage Two as Tim gets a Cup of Coffee in the Bigs on his way to some inter Ball.

Or even Fall Ball.

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