Tim Tebow: From SuperStar to SuperHero

Tim Tebow is once again an NFL Star. Former though it may be. But he’s also something else.

An American Hero.

Many thought that already. This latest act energized not only those who did but also those who largely have tried to forget the Tebow NFL Experience. It also prompted Uber Facts to send out a tweet to its 13 million Followers calling Tim an “American Hero”.

In many parts of the World they have continued to refer to Tebow as a SuperStar. One of the oddest juxtapositions was at the time of the Mayweather-Pacquino Fight and on the same day articles about the friendship between Tim and Manny had headlines in the US calling Tebow an “NFL Bust”. Meanwhile across Asia articles about the same story called Tim an “NFL SuperStar”. Neither case was at all unusual. But seeing the stark contrast so close together tells much about our Sports Media here.

Embarrass the NFL at your own risk. And the Tim Tebow NFL Experience is a story the league would rather not have talked about honestly. It would rather stick with its story that it’s smarter than the majority of Fans who think Tebow should be a Starting NFL Quarterback today. And the overwhelming numbers…in excess of 95%…who are convinced the NFL has given Tim Tebow a very raw deal.

Will we start to see a slightly different tone about Tebow?

There already are articles about the “new low” in Tebow “hate” over the flight episode with comments ridiculing Tim. But those comments didn’t come from the Media. They came from the Anti-Tebow Squad. I’m not calling itba Regiment because there just really aren’t all that many of them. It just seems that way because it appears they have no other lives than jumping on every Tebow story and Fans.

And they get far too much attention.

Tim Tebow is a shoe-in to be President of the United States if he wants the job. He’s a shoe-in for pretty much anything other than Playing for a league too stupid to appreciate how lucky it was to have ever had him. This different tone from Media close to the NFL might indicate the league realizes it just might want to make nice with Tebow Fans.

Any rational Sports League would. But any rational Sports League wouldn’t have a third of Americans wanting its Owners sued and fined into Bankruptcy and perhaps as many as 40 or 50 million Americans wanting them in prison.

The NFL is in deeper trouble than any league in US history. But Tim Tebow?

The NFL might not want him. But to America he’s their Number One Hero.

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