Tim Tebow Brings Man Back To Life

ABC News has confirmed the story of Tim Tebow bringing a man on a plane back to life.

Did they confirm that’s what really happened? Or merely that’s how it appeared to some passengers on the flight? Possibly even the man’s family.

If you haven’t heard the story, a man collapsed on a Delta flight. The crew rushed to help, performing CPR, zapping his heart with a portable heart zapper, starting an IV. But nothing was working. The man showed no signs of responding. Then a large man walked down the aisle.

That man was Tim Tebow.

Family members wept in Tim’s arms. And they and other passengers began praying and apparently it was a sight to see. One Facebook account by a passenger has vivid detail.

And suddenly the man responded.

Is it the new Lazarus story? Well, story for sure. This is the kind of tale that will circle the globe and a billion people will call it a miracle. And they probably would be right.

The extent of that miracle will forever be in the eyes of the beholder. But no matter anyone’s opinion one thing is clear.

In that frantic moment Tim Tebow was something to behold.

Post Notes:

One individual says the man died. Multiple sources say Tebow took the Wife to the hospital. Multiple sources at Delta Airlines verified the original account by a passenger on Facebook.

Tomorrow we may have information. But what won’t change will be the story of Tim Tebow raising a dead man. No matter how this all transpires. It is a story that will be loudly heard ’round-the-world.


As of 11:20 PM there are still reports coming from various TV Stations and other Media Outlets of the miraculous recovery from death. BUT,

the most reliable report is yes, the man suddenly responded when Tim Tebow started doing his thing. His pulse returned and he regained consciousness. Tim took the Wife to the hospital and waited until news came from the hospital staff her husband had died. And Tim left the family to grieve.

Expect tales of Tebow giving the couple one last goodbye, etc. And that may well be true. Regardless it’s clear Tim went beyond anyone’s expectations of a stranger. let alone a Celebrity.

But he’s not any Celebrity. He’s Tim Tebow. The man known around the entire world as America’s Last Decent Guy. America’s Mr Nice Guy, for the less snarky. The Most Popular Player in NFL History, still inexplicably to most shunned by the league and its insiders and suck-ups.

And the Man who will be President of the United States one day and that day would be this one if he was eligible. OK, actually January. Regardless.

Any Election that includes Tim Tebow, he is effectively running unopposed.

And this story shows why.

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