Football, Politics and Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow says he still wants to Play Football. And only at Quarterback. It’s been his dream. A dream the NFL turned into one of the oddest nightmares in Sports History.

Professional Sports Leagues simply do not run their Most Popular Player off. They just don’t. If he has Off-Field issues they stand by him until standing too close causes too many problems. If he has struggles in Play, they do whatever is necessary to give him the Support and Supporting Cast to be successful. They do anything it takes because a Player big enough to lift a League to another level of popularity doesn’t come along very often.

But Tim Tebow had none of those issues. He’s America’s Mr Goodie Two-Shoes. The Young Man who is too good to be true but is true nonetheless and carries it off with an ease and humility that even makes his seeming flawlessness endearing. That was no small feat. From Tebow’s College years to his first couple years in the NFL there were many just aching to watch him fall from grace, slip up, show us it’s all a facade, an act…phony.

But he never did and he carried himself with such friendliness, warmth and humor even the famously jaded and snarky New York Media fell in love with Tim Tebow the Man. Even if some still wanted to find something wrong with Tim Tebow the Quarterback.

Now Tim is mentioned as an almost shoe-in to be President of the United States some day and even Politics hasn’t tarnished him. At least not yet. That arena is almost as dirty as the NFL has made Football.

And this is another piece of the odd puzzle that has been Tim Tebow’s NFL career. Anyone who argues he wouldn’t be an enormous boost to the image of a league whose current one is Mobsters needs to reevaluate their life cause something’s gone haywire in them.

So why is it roundly assumed the NFL has no interest in Tim Tebow? Kneejerk Jerks would say “Because he sucks!”. But there’s a reason why there are so few of those folks today. He’s on the shortest of short-lists as the Greatest Quarterback and even Greatest Player in College Football History. Only a total moron would use the word “sucks”.

But even his NFL Career has been marked by success. He led one of the most memorable Seasons in NFL History in the only opportunity he had to lead a Team on the Field and show why Bobby Bowden called him the “Greatest Leader on a Football Field I’ve ever seen”.

Tim’s not Playing because the NFL is dysfunctional on a level we have never before witnessed in US Sports History. And that dysfunction has begun costing a price. Noone trusts the NFL. Noone believes them about anything. Not just about Tebow where consistently 95+% polled say Tim should be an NFL QB today.

It’s still too new and too much else is going on. But one day someone will resurrect the Tebow NFL Saga in full and when they do they will call it what it is.

One of the biggest mistakes made by a league in Sports History.

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