The NFL Messed Up Its Own Bed Tebow Fans

All you Moms who became NFL Fans when Tim Tebow was Playing and left when he started getting jerked around (14 Million Women became NFL Fans in 2011 and left by 2014…BEFORE the Rice Incident–it was all you Tebow Moms) they want you back. Actually the NFL needs you back.

It just doesn’t want to do anything to convince you to.

All you Families who cheered and became TebowManics, the NFL needs your help. It can’t keep its gravy train rolling without you. One more bad report from Disney and Bob Iger will have to choice but to do something. He might not know yet how many of you cancelled Disney Vacations and how many of you are among the millions who have dumped ESPN.

But so long as you consider the NFL to be dirty, lying scumbags, noone who gets too close to it is comfortable.

The Tens of millions of you who have been loyal supporters of Football who now see it as a Sport that turns boys into some kind of monsters, the NFL needs you to think about all the good things it does. All the good things it stands for.

OK it doesn’t actually stand for any of them and what little good it does do is usually a last resort and often forced on it by pressure or court orders. But you can’t keep holding that against them can you?

Yes, the NFL doesn’t care what happens to your Kids. And it kicked their hero around and told them he was trash. Now it has other heroes it wants them to look up to. Never mind you see them mostly as Rapists, Abusers, Selfish, Greedy and generally lacking any quality of character you want your Kids picking up.

And no it’s not going to change one damn bit and will never give a damn about you, your Family or least of all what you care about. It needs your help to save the Game it has destroyed.

It just will never put it that way. What the NFL will say is Football is under attack and needs you to tell everyone what wonderful guys they are and stop hurting Football.

The NFL is asking you to straighten up the room a bit. Maybe make that bed for them.


Not that it will ever say that either.

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