The Problem With Tim Tebow Isn’t His Religion

Y’all know me. I never met a problem the NFL has I wasn’t willing to smack them around over. But Tim Tebow’s unabashed Christianity isn’t one of them.

Does it bother some in the NFL? Probably. But not nearly enough to give him problems landing on a Team. And it’s not the caliber of his Play either. So both “sides” saying it’s his Play or his Praying, just shut up. It’s neither of them.

The NFL is certainly not looking for any Goodie Two-Shoes types. They’d rather say Rapists and Serial Abusers are really Good Guys getting bad raps and suffering the insufferable Media.

This should have been the first sign. The Media some Fans of Tebow love to hate have the same reputation…or at least PR commentary…as Players who drive those Fans insane when they see them suiting up for Games.

Those Players get accolades from the Media. Tim has also gotten those. Those Players get raked over the coals by the Media. As some Fans of Tim Tebow’s will say is a daily thing for him.

Tim Tebow’s problem is those within the NFL who know it needs every Fan it can get right now can’t convince the others of that. To many of that latter group TebowMania is just a big pain in the ass they don’t get paid to put up with.

I believe at least half a GM’s job is to handle the Media and the Public. They disagree. They see both as a great big nuisance. I disagree. I think they’re the ONLY reason any of them have jobs.

They look at the TV Revenues and say who needs this? And NFL owners are so busy trying to convince the Players they don’t need them.

It’s all one great big circle of disrespect.

If Tim Tebow was any other Quarterback he’d either be Starting for some Team right now or we’d have seen him rack up at least two Losing Seasons and been relegated either to the Ranks of Journeyman back-Up or gone. But he isn’t anyone else. In any sane Sports league Tim’s Popularity is actually considered a huge plus.

But the NFL isn’t any sane Sports League. It’s the Model for Dysfunction in Sports.

Where many Tebow Fans have messed up is in looking in the wrong places. Tim polls off the charts. The NFL hasn’t convinced anyone it’s right about him. In fact it’s lost ground on that. The more it says he’s not an NFL Caliber Quarterback the more People say it’s just one more time the NFL is lying to us. Which for most Americans is just about every time it opens its mouth.

Tebow Fans should get the chips off their shoulders and realize if it’s a fight they’ve already Won. The NFL is now everyone’s Boogeyman. Nobody likes it. Nobody trusts it. And everybody will eventually sue it.

So TimFans if you think the NFL and the Media that sucks up to it has been waging some kind of War against Christianity, take heart. they lost. Nobody trusts either of them. Now the Media is trying to figure out how to distance itself from the NFL without hurting its own revenue stream. The same Media, by the way, that can’t get enough of giving Tim more gigs.

It’s a rout. Take the Win.

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