What’s Next With Tim Tebow and the Media?

The NFL Insiders are already belly up floating in the deadpool. The league they shilled for with shrill defense of a beat up, banged up, dented, tarnished yet forever strong ‘Shield’ is on the brink of complete unravel.

These staunch defenders last attempt at message management is doing all they can to avoid using the acronyms NFL and RICO in bold print together. But that will soon become impossible. Just like it will be impossible to find softer ways to say “Special Prosecutor”.

Open Season on the NFL is just starting and soon people will be going after Roger Goodell’s and the NFL Owners homes.

Meanwhile Tim Tebow is starting another new Network gig building free homes for the homeless. The presumptive Future President will have millions of Fans saving those clips of Tim being hugged by tearful new Homeowners to go along with the clips of tearful Parents hugging him after one of his charities helped their kids. These will be burying the internet and most of Media the instant Tebow decides to finally say yes to one of the many calls to Office.

The Media has a delicate tightrope to walk where Timothy Richard Tebow is concerned as it has suddenly discovered that famous “divisiveness” was mostly in their own minds.

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