President Timmy?

It appears the only reason Tim Tebow won’t be sworn in as the next President of the United States is because he has to wait until he’s old enough to be completely grey haired by the time he leaves office. I think it’s one of those Constitutional Amendments.

Or maybe AARP Lobbying. I get those two confused.

Tebow for President has been a common theme for the last 4 or 5 years. Ian Rapoport’s first article for NFL.Com was about a President Tebow. He’s had pressure for years to be Governor of Florida. But I think the TV Networks might all have him under contract until he’s 35.

They certainly make sure he shows up everywhere. America’s first actual TV President? We’ve had a Movie President.

But I don’t blame the Networks. They already paid to make money off Tebow’s unprecedented popularity only to once again get screwed by the NFL. They have to get it back somewhere. They sure don’t want him in Congress.

They couldn’t afford to have CSPAN get all the Ratings.

Is this real? For the first time Tim not only said it could be but said it’s intriguing to have another place to help people. That definitely rules out Congress. And no, that wasn’t snark. One of 435 or one of 100 just isn’t the place. The NFL was crushed by the thought of Tim being one of 32 and none of the other 31 getting any attention.

If it were to happen today it would almost certainly happen. Tim not only polls on a totally different scale than mortals, he’s wiped out the competition when political pollsters have slid his name in with Candidates at various times.

But it’s a long time between now and 2024 which would be the first Presidential Election he could run in. His Fans will have time to get rid of that other Amendment, the one about Term Limits, by then. So maybe they’ll just create a whole new job.

Something like ‘Leader for Life’. Everyone knows what a great leader he is and also that he never quits. And some in the NFL would add “and you just can’t get rid of him.”

Funny. They seem to have done that. So what will President Tebow do when that full coverage Anti-Trust Protection the NFL wants crosses his desk?

Or maybe Pardon Requests for CTE or DeflateGate.

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