Don’t Let Football’s Crisis Stop You From Mocking Tebow

One of my earlier articles on Football was “Can Tim Tebow Save Football?” It fired up Fans of Tebow’s and inspired his Detractors to call me nuts (as if they wouldn’t use any excuse. to them being a Fan of Tim Tebow is a sign of instability). The NFL is “King” and will reign forever.

They don’t make forever like they used to.

Football is in such deep trouble only a small percentage still holds out hope for its future. 17% BEFORE “The Hunting Ground”, the movie “Concussion”, Congressional Hearings and the NFL’s getting cornered into acknowledging a link with CTE.

Last year we reached the halfway mark where 50% of all Parents said they don’t want their kids Playing Football and now it’s going up. 2/3rds in some surveys. Even Darren Rovell’s Twitter Poll had almost 40% saying it and it’s hard to find a more NFL obsessed bunch than people who follow Rovell on Twitter.

The NFL is now a completely lost cause. Yahoo!Sports is trying to blame Media Hype for the current FootballCTE hysteria. But Football was first linked to CTE about a 100 years ago and even called it “Traumatic Encephalopathy” about 80 years ago. It’s a little tough to say the Media is making a rush to judgement.

Nah guys. This one’s been coming for a very long time and the NFL should’ve been expecting it. Which is why I came to the conclusion over a year ago that at least some of the Owners are already just riding out the string and banking as much of that TV and Sponsor money as they can while they can. Seriously, forget Franchise Valuations. Most of these Owners have cashed out their original investments a long time ago ad are riding entirely on House Money.

I think there will still be Football. But mostly because I expect the NFL to be sacrificed to the angry mobs by everyone else in Football. At this point they’re desperate for something and giving Congress and a Sports Head Injury hysterical America the NFL’s head to feast on is alot more than something. It’s a perfect distraction. For awhile and awhile is all it could take for calm to be restored.

But right now Football and the NFL are in trouble. Yet many of the 20-something males the NFL chased everyone away to appeal to still find time to mock Tim Tebow. Guys, the NFL committed leagueicide listening to you idiots. Not that any of you will really care. That’s one of the biggest shames of it all. The morons the NFL built its strategy around couldn’t care less about it and those who did…those multi-generation Fan Families…have been pushed away.

The NFL had the same inane attitude as its target Fans that its success is somehow a right.

Unlike Tim Tebow, the NFL is NOT bigger than Football. And that fact will be on full display for most of this year.

But don’t let that stop the usual bloc of trolls from mocking Tebow.

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